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Quarterly Commentaries

  • Q2 2016 Brexit Schmexit (Download)
  • Q1 2016 Would An Omniscient Portfolio Manager Get Fired?(Download)
  • Q4 2015 Forget Bitcoin: The Value is in Blockchain(Download)
  • Q3 2015 Value Investing: Not Dead, But Not Easy(Download)
  • Q2 2015 Greece and China: The New Not Ready for Primetime Players(Download)
  • Q1 2015 Euro QE: The Charge of the Monetary Light Brigade (Download)
  • Q4 2014 Japan's Monetary Banzai Charge (Download)
  • Q3 2014 Happiness, Expectations, and Investing (Download)
  • Q2 2014 Being Intelligent About Smart Beta (Download)
  • Q1 2014 Devolution of Diversification (Download)
  • Q4 2013 Bitcoin, QE, and Disintermediated Currency (Download)
  • Q3 2013 Selective Value = Price + Quality (Download)
  • Q2 2013 Pennies from Heaven, Irrationality and "Dys-information" (Download)
  • Q1 2013 Blind(er) Leading the Blind (Download)
  • Q4 2012 World War C (Download)
  • Q3 2012 QE Infinity (Download)